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I was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon, a city just outside Portland. I grew up in a wonderful, loving home and enjoyed a great childhood with my three brothers—one of whom is my twin!

I graduated from Oregon State University in 2007 with a degree in merchandising management, then took a risk and moved to San Diego, California. I had always wanted to live in sunshine by the beach, so one day I asked myself, "What’s stopping you?"

The move was a bit scary, since I didn’t know a single soul there, but I quickly made friends by hanging out on the beach and talking to strangers (ha ha, this is true).

After a year of living in San Diego, I was lucky to meet the man I wanted to marry. Three years after our wedding, we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter, and we named her Ireland.

My husband's kind heart and beautiful soul touched everyone that he came in contact with. He had a magnetic personality and a true passion for helping others. Unfortunately, just a few short weeks after Ireland's birth, my husband's kind heart and beautiful soul struggled with life. Ireland and I, and our wonderful friends and family, lost him to suicide. 

Now, I'm a single mom raising my beautiful, precious daughter alone. It's not always easy, but when I look into the loving eyes of my amazing daughter Ireland, I feel blessed and filled with hope and inspiration for the future. I look forward to every new day.


The pain and devastation of losing my husband has taken me through many learning and growing experiences. My journey led me to feel a calling, to share my story with others in an effort to offer advocacy and inspiration.

I want to share with others the possibilities of joy that I found in life, through faith, while traveling through darkness and despair.

My hope is to extend support to those who also have encountered profound adversity in their lives. Love is all around us, it's our choice to accept it.


Bad things happen to all of us; we all have a story to tell. I believe our happiness isn't determined by the good or the bad things that happen to us, it is determined by how we choose to move forward, how we open ourselves to the possibilities that this wonderful world offers us.

It is up to us to create our lives every day. With every thought we have and every action we take, we are in control of creating a beautiful life filled with loving friends and family and new adventures.

Life should be embraced with a loving heart and a positive, optimistic vision. We must challenge ourselves, step out of our comfort zones, create new experiences, and accept the opportunities that come our way. Above all, it's important for us to seek love and to share our love with others.


Good Morning America

In 2014, I was ready to move on with my life and start dating again. I was alive, and I had a beautiful gift who depended on me—Ireland. The only thing missing was a partner. I ventured out and went on a few dates that friends set-up for me, and I tried online dating. Unfortunately, I didn't find love.

I felt discouraged, so I called one of my girlfriends to chat. She suggested that I apply to be a cast member on The Bachelor! At first I thought it was a crazy idea, and then I thought, "Why not? Who knows what could happen!" To my surprise, I was cast to meet the Bachelor, Chris Soules!

Appearing on the TV show was an experience like none other. I have lots of stories to tell, and I look forward to sharing every one of them with you on my blog. I will describe my private experiences on the show and some behind-the-scenes stories that TV cameras didn't catch. I have memories of things from the show that I never expected, and I will never forget.


Thank you for visiting my Web site! I'm excited to meet you and share more about myself with you! 

Being a mother is one of my greatest joys in life, and I aspire to help others through sharing my story.

Please keep in touch with me, check in and read my blog, join me for my "Girls Night Out" events, and connect with me on social media. I enjoy reading your posts, and I'm very grateful for the love and friendship you offer me.